Test Of Time – Tourtagebuch #2

Am letzten Freitag haben sich Test Of Time vorgestellt. Nun geht es mit dem ersten Tag ihrer Europatour weiter. Ein ereignisreicher Tag voller Hundegeschichten, netten Gesprächen und dem ersten Auftritt der Tour auf dem Pre-Fluff Fest in Prag. Natürlich gibt es auch neues Bildmaterial, einen weiteren Song und Ausschnitte von der Show. Viel Spaß.

Test Of Time - Charles Chaussinand

Test Of Time – Charles Chaussinand (©Eva Bo)

Day 1 – Prague, Czech Republic – Pre-Fluff Fest – 24.07.2014

We got up pretty early, all having had an odd night sleep aside from Mike, who managed to sleep for 13 straight hours with a sleeping bag resembling a shanty town. We made sure to brief each other on who snored when, the noises they made, and then I regalled Jeff with the tale of what had happened the night before. Still laying in bed, I tried to cram the additional Minor Threat lyrics I needed to learn for our cover set for that night into my brain. Our plan, as a thank you for allowing us to play, was to play five of our own songs and then the entire „Minor Threat“ EP from start to finish. Joe made us a breakfast stew and we waited for Jakub from Seek Harbor Rentals to bring us our rental van and the gear we would be using. He showed up around, basically just handed the keys to us, had Katrin sign the insurance papers, and left. The meeting lasted maybe three minutes. Not long after, we headed for the venue.

Test Of Time - Pre-Fluff Fest

Test Of Time – Pre-Fluff Fest (©Eva Bo)

We played at a cafe just outside the city called Cafe Na Pol Cesty. When we got there, we were greeted by Pavel, the promoter, and loaded in our merch. The show had a really good feel to it. There were people grilling, there were tons of dogs, and lots of smiling and hanging out. I can’t stress enough how many dogs there were. It was incredible. Pavel had a new puppy he had brought and it was running around to meet everyone and would meet up with different dogs at the park to play. I would try and watch other bands, but get distracted as soon as I looked out the window and would see a bulldog run by chasing the puppy or a little chihuahua that made an appearance. This cafe was on the edge of a park and had families riding bikes by everything that was going on. We got to sit outside on the deck of this place and just talk and meet people, the most important of which; Handsome. I was chatting with the drummer of Minority of One from southern Spain when I really looked at his face for a moment and saw that this was, in fact, the best looking man I have ever seen. I interrupted what he was saying and said „I don’t mean to sound weird, but you have really nice eyes.“ and this made Mike look over and just yell „He is so handsome!“, and from there, the legend was born. We would just yell that anytime he was within earshot.

The bands that played that day were a lot of fun and there were multiple Dag Nasty covers, which makes every show fun. Focused Minds also happened to jump on the show, so it was fun getting to meet those guys briefly. The four of us, minus Katrin, headed to a mall that had a grocery store inside of it and walked around drinking coffees and bubble teas as well as buying some necessities for the day, like baked goods. This was also the day where we were picking up another member of our entourage, Eva. She is with us all but the last two days. She met up with us a few hours after we got to the show and we all sat and talked for a while to get to know each other. There is something about having to travel with someone that really makes bonds happen quickly. It is unspoken, and immediate. Our set was second to last for the evening, and I was super nervous to play as it would be my first time singing in front of anyone outside of the band.

We went up and played our songs, which was a lot of fun, before we started into the Minor Threat songs. We played to a very full room, which probably held about 40 people and had a lot of folks standing outside. It was a fun set and a great way to start the tour. After we played, I was at the merch table trying to sell anything I could and managed to sell a shirt to a girl at the show that was walking in front of the table. She wanted to chat for a while, so after she bought the shirt, she told me all about her life and this headed with a marriage proposal and trying to convince me how she and I could carry on a long-distance relationship. At one point, she proceeded to spill wine on herself while leaning in to try and tell me how well suited we are for each other. I felt like we really had a connection. This was emphasized when about a hour into talking, while convincing me we should end up together, she asked for my name again. We packed up and headed back to Joe’s. The first show going so well, we were all pretty excited and really looking forward to Fluff Fest the next day.