Test Of Time – Tourtagebuch #5

Nach dem Vlam Rock in As (Belgien) standen für Test Of Time die ersten Shows in Deutschland auf dem Programm. Am 27. Juli spielten die Jungs aus Boston in Braunschweig im B58, nachdem Sie erneut einen überaus ereignisreichen Tag erlebt hatten. Seltsame Wesen in Fahrrad-Outfits, ein Pferd namens Robert Smith, ein heißes Basketballmatch, ein verrücktes Rollenspiel und jede Menge Spaß nach der Show. Doch lest selbst was Test Of Time heute zu erzählen haben. Viel Spaß.

Day 4 – Braunschweig – B58 – 27.07.2014

We woke up in the attic of the hotel and started making our way downstairs as quietly as possible. We had a good amount of driving ahead of us still, so our out time was earlier than Brutality Will Prevail. Breakfast was in the main house of the hotel, so we got our stuff into the van and made our way through the other guests that were standing outside and toward the dining area. There was a collection of older folks dressed from head to toe in biking attire. I don’t mean biking as in motorcycle bikers, but the sort of stuff you’d see people wearing during the Tour de France. They looked at us with half smiles as we paraded by and were just curious what would have us coming out of an unfinished building with all our own bedding. Our hostess explained to them that we were a band and on tour and we said “hello” to a few people as we passed. We were all pretty hungry, so our thoughts were elsewhere. I was still thinking about being told there were horses on the grounds, so I just wanted to eat and then go and see these guys. A little while after we started breakfast, Brutality Will Prevail sleepily came in. We chatted with them while we ate and it turned out we had some mutual friends in Wales, which was really cool. Breakfast was an assortment of fruits, cereal, tea, toast, etc. It was very welcomed and appreciated at that point. Anytime there is a “normal” sit down meal on tour, I feel like that is an accomplishment and something that keeps everyone feeling normal, which is important.

Test Of Time- Sleeping In The Van (©Eva Bo)

Test Of Time- Sleeping In The Van (©Eva Bo)

It is hard to eat all your meals in a van while you’re driving and no one is on the same schedule. I quickly finished breakfast and headed to the van. Serendipitously, we had stopped at a gas station a day or two before I had bought a bag of carrots. They owned three, huge horses. We named one Robert Smith because he had a swoop mane that was completely white and was otherwise a dark colored horse. I split the carrot up and fed some to each of them. They were super gentle and clearly accustomed to being around people. The stable was also housing a few kittens from a recent litter, so we tried to coax them out of different hiding places to say hello, but they weren’t having it. It was time for us to get going and make our way to our first show in Germany.

The drive was pretty lengthy, but fun. The time spent between shows is what really solidifies friendships. I started asking about everyone’s extended families, as I realized I didn’t know as much about anyone outside the nuclear family as I probably should. This somehow led us back to “would you rather” questions and Mike telling us some great stories about his genitals. We laughed, we cried, we delighted at the shared stories in the van. We got to the venue and parked in the back. We were the first band to arrive. The back lot was a basketball court with a series of small sheds around the perimeter that looked like they were set up for the possibility of camping. We had found a ball, more kickball style, at Vlamrock and got it out to play basketball with. We decided on playing “EDGE” instead of “HORSE”. Aside from TB, we were all in on the game. I think that Jeff and Eva were out first, followed by me, and Robert came out the victor. I am not sure if I am recalling the order correctly, but regardless, I didn’t win. We did a series of trick shots that we missed repeatedly and, I think, that everyone ended up getting others out through very simple shots. The show was with Focused Minds, so they showed up and we hung out with them at the venue for a while. Drew, the guitarist, was leaving early from the show that night because he was flying out of a different airport than the rest. There was a good turn out at the show and we got to meet our new friend Iggy. He put together two shows for us and we got a lot of time with him over the next few weeks, which was great. There was nothing “stand-out” about the show, but once the show ended, that is when things got really interesting.

Test Of Time - Watching Other Bands (©Eva Bo)

Test Of Time – Watching Other Bands (©Eva Bo)

Both bands slept at the venue on mattresses that we took out of the attic. At first, this led to a series of wrestling moves, talking about weird movies and just generally joking around. Bobby, the driver of Focused Minds, was the principle target of most of the Focused Minds jokes and horsing around. He was a really fun and kind guy that we would see more on the tour because he drove for Bent Life. This was the final night of the Focused Minds tour, and they were all just up for having fun. They introduced me to a game they called “werewolf”, which I was told also has the name “mafia”. Mike and Robert already knew how to play, but Jeff and I needed full instruction. For anyone unfamiliar with the game, I will quickly lay out the rules so you can look it up in more detail andplay because it is so fun. With the size of our group, we had:

  • 1x Moderator
  • 1x Seer
  • 1x Nurse
  • 2x Werewolves
  • 8x Villagers

There are night and day rounds. During the night, everyone has their heads down and is making a small amount of noise. The moderator calls for the werewolves to wake up. Two heads raise and they silently and through head gestures only, choose a victim that will be killed at the start of the day round. Their heads are put back down and the moderator calls for the Seer to awake. The Seer silently chooses someone they want check on as to whether or not the person is a werewolf. The moderator gives them a thumbs up or down. The nurse then wakes up and chooses who will be safe the day round. If the nurse selects the same person the werewolves did, without knowing it, the nurse just spared a person from being killed. The villagers are trying to figure out who’s a werewolf; the werewolves are pretending to be villagers, and trying to throw suspicion on real villagers. The seer is trying to throw suspicion on any werewolves he discovers, but without revealing himself to be the seer (because if he does, the werewolves will almost certainly kill him that night, since he’s the greatest threat to werewolf national security.) Of course the seer can reveal himself at any time, if he thinks it’s worthwhile to tell the other players what he’s learned. Also of course, a werewolf can claim to be the seer and „reveal“ anything he wants. The nurse can choose to heal someone during the “night” to keep them from being killed by a werewolf. The only information the villagers have is what other players say — and who dies. Accusing someone of being a werewolf is suspicious. Not accusing anyone is also suspicious. Agreeing with another player a lot is suspicious, and therefore so is pretending not to agree with another player. Never voting to kill a particular player is very suspicious for both of them — unless it’s the seer who knows that player is innocent. If accused, the motion must be seconded. Once seconded, the accused is given 30 seconds to refute the accusations and possibly cast doubt to other players. The group then votes as to whether or not they want to kill the accused.

Test Of Time - Bedtime On Mattresses (©Eva Bo)

Test Of Time – Bedtime On Mattresses (©Eva Bo)

We ended up playing for hours and having a great time. Many of the lines used during the game were spouted back to each other during the duration of the tour. At one point, when accused of being a werewolf, Bobby’s defense was simply “Don’t do it”. This convinced literally everyone, so no one voted to kill him. It was a perfect, dry rebuttal that managed to sway everyone. After werewolf, we were shown two episodes of a TV series that some of the Focused Minds guys had shot with an iPod touch. It was pretty impressive and funny. Finally, we decided it was time for bed. It was a fantastic day of spending time with the guys in Focused Minds and I can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

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